Sunday, October 16, 2011

SheArt Doll Canvas

I am taking an online workshop called The She Art Workshop.  The very talented Christy Tomlinson shares techniques on how to create wonderful canvas SheArt Girls!  I am having a blast!  Take a look at what I created in week 1!  This is my first canvas.  In week 1 Christy takes you step by step to create this piece.  She demonstrates different techniques and shows you how to use inks, paint, paper, oh my need I say more? 

Can you see all the beautiful layers on this piece.  I started by covering the canvas with a piece of
tissue pattern paper.  Here's my girl....I call her Child of God.  She's so pretty! 

This next one I call Angel.  Ok, I know I'm not too creative with my names.  I may change them but for now "it is what it is".  Christy says that a lot in her tutorials! 
I added lots of texture to this canvas with modeling paste.  I've never used this medium and I really like it.  You can use acrylic to color it and it spread it on with a brush, or whatever.  I rolled a stamp over the paste before it dried and the stamped image left an imprint in the paste!  Love it!
This is my last little girl.  I think she may be my favorite.   I didn't mean to, but I made her hair gray.  I may call her the Artsy GranNan. 
Well, I hope you enjoy my creations.  I would love to hear your comments.  Until next time.....

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