Sunday, March 27, 2011

Allow me to introduce to you....The Lighthearted Lovlies!

 Today was the Close To My Heart's Lighthearted Lovelies Team Meet. We meet once a month, usually @ McAllister's Deli, to encourage and inspire one another.  I receive so much out of these gatherings! 

Everyone on our team is so creative!  Take a look at some of the artwork on display this month!

We were suprised with a special gift from one of our talented team members, Pam Walsh.  She made each of us a name-tag brooch!  So pretty! 
Here's the one I the blues and the little rose in the center...oh and the ribbon!  Oh my!  I'll have to try this too!

Each month an award is given for the consultant who does something that may be a little hard for her to do.  The hard thing can be different for each person depending on the personality.  This month's Steppin' Out Award goes to...Judy Faye!  Judy Faye now has her artwork displayed in a local shop with information about her upcoming workshops and gatherings!  Wooohoo Judy Faye! 

This month's creative challenge was from Mel.  Mel shared with us how to make this adorable Peek-a Boo card.  So sweet!  Mel went the extra mile and cut all those little pieces out for us!  Now that's what I call dedication! 
Here's a close up shot...Isn't it cute! 

Can you see why I love going to our Lovelies Team Meet?  I come home inspired and ready to go!  Speaking of that...I better get going.  I have some paper crafting to do!  

If you are interested in learning more about any of the products shown you can e-mail me.  I will be happy to share with you.  Also if you would like to browse a catalog for Close To My Heart products check out my website 

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