Sunday, May 8, 2011

Special Moments Like These

Has anyone ever asked you why you scrapbook?  I have had people ask me that and for me it's all about preserving memories and having a way of communicating a little of myself to future it lots of fun! 
Yesterday was a prime example of why I scrapbook.  I went to my grandson's, Noah,  first t-ball game of the year!  Not only was that scrap worthy but there was something else going on behind the scenes that not many people who were there may have been aware was the first game that my son and husband coached together.  It brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart just to think about it.

Josh, Noah and David @ Noah's First T-Ball Game 2011

My mind flashes back about 15 years to a time when David (my husband) and Josh (my son)  were geared up and ready to go to play many memories come to mind - Josh's first home run, their first championship game, and so many others!  It was a time in their lives when they became so close and formed a bond between father and son that will never be broken. 

Scrapbook Page of Josh 1994 can see David on the back row and Josh is in the front.

Josh 9 years old

Now I get to witness that bond continue as they together coach another generation.  I am so thankful for the memories of the past and the new memories our family is making for the future.  I hope today you can create a few cherished memories of your own.
Happy Scrappin'

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