Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shower Her In Acrylic!

Mom, Brandy and Me.  We didn't even plan the our clothes would coordinate.  I guess we think alike!
I spent my day yesterday with my beautiful daughter Brandy and awesome mom Carlyn.  We had the rare occasion of hanging out together in Dallas. 

Brandy has the honor and privilege of serving as her lifelong best friends Matron of Honor in September.  Yesterday was the shower.  Because Brandy is so creative and loves Melissa so much she wanted to make the shower extra special ordinary gathering would do. 

Brandy setting up for the shower
Brandy booked an art class session @ Painting With a Twist.  This is no ordinary shower!  Each person in attendance creates their very own piece of art. 
Brandy stopping traffic waiting for the Bride To Be to arrive.  Can you tell the sign is handmade?  LOL

Gail, Melissa and Brandy-BFF!
Let the party begin.  Each person receives a canvas, paint brushes and a palette of paint.  We follow the instructions of our very own personal artist to create a beautiful acrylic painting!  Remember it's art! 
Let the fun begin!

Coming along nicely

Great shading Melissa! 
Through out the afternoon we gave our well wishes and best advise to Melissa.  We showered her with gifts, champagne and cake and all left feeling like we needed to head to the nearest craft store!  (jk!)
Our artwork!  Aren't they "fabulous"?!
Here's a close up of mine!  Please be gentle...use your's art.  I think I'll stick to scrapbooking!
Until then-
Happy Scrappin'

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