Sunday, November 27, 2011

She Art Girl-It's Me!

I have learned so much from Christy as she has taken me through creating my own SheArt.  I have learned techniques and tried a few things that I probably would have never thought to use.  If your ready to try a few new things, highly recommend her Christy Tomlinson.  You will not be disappointed. 

During week 4 Christy takes us through how to personalize our girls.  This girl is me as a child. 
Christy challenged me to think back to my childhood and those people who influenced me and create a piece based on that.  Well, that was easy for me....I can't think about my childhood without thinking of my Mamaw Mattie. 
When I was about nine or ten, Mamaw made me a red poncho with tassels.  I still have it today!  Also, going to Mamaw's was always an adventure, she had a garden full of flowers and yummy things to eat.  And I also knew that I was special to Mamaw.  I have fond memories of spending the night with her.  I would always sleep with her and to help me relax she would rub my back and tell me to listen to the sounds waaaay off.  We always slept with the windows open and I could hear crickets, cars and they would lull me to sleep. 
Here's a close up to get a look at a few details.  I really like the way her hair turned out. 
I added orange paint to modeling paste to create the pumpkin.  Sorry it's so fuzzy. 

Well, I hope you've enjoyed looking and I would love to hear your comments

Until next time...


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