Saturday, February 4, 2012

I just realized this week how neglectful I have been to post on my blog!  There's just not enough time in the day to create much less post it on my blog...but I have been creating!  And having lots of fun too. 

Here is my latest She Art Journal Girl..

I used paints, stencils and stamps to create the background and pattern paper to create the January Girls dress.  The only thing I lack to have this piece finished is the she art phrase...I not set on that yet. 

I'm also taking another online workshop...I love the convenience of taking these.  In this workshop I am learning how to make "pretty faces".  You can check it out here.  Here's a sample of what I've made with my own twist on it...

Ok, I know what you're thinking..."I thought you said pretty face"  and I totally agree with you...this is one of my first and the proportions are wayyyyyy off.  But, I turned it into a piece of art in my journal.  That's one thing I love about my journal...there are not mistakes.  In a later post I will show you a "pretty face" that I'm proud of.  I can hardly believe I drew it myself. 

I have not left the scrapbook world.  I've also been working on a Christmas mini.  Here's a sampling of that. 

So you can see, I have not left the creative world.  Just haven't shared much.
I hope you've enjoyed looking and I hope you have a wonderfully creative day.  My grands are coming over today, so I know I'll have a blast!

Happy Scrappin'


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